“Homilies, Prayers, and Bread for the Journey” is a collection of essays and sermons, some my own, some belonging to others; quotes; prayers that are personal; prayers of ancient saints; and commentary on the church and spiritual practices.  All comments are welcome, but there are some general rules:

1)  Don’t be ugly.  My belief system may not always match up with yours, but we are pilgrims wandering in the same wilderness, whether you define yourself as Christian, atheist, or agnostic;  by denomination, theologically, politically, or geographically.  Dissenting comments are welcome and make for lively discussion.  Any comments that insult or get ugly will be deleted, and the offenders blocked from the page.  If you are from the South, you know what “Don’t be ugly” means.  I shouldn’t have to tell you twice.  Don’t make me call your mama.

2)  This is not a page for political discussion.  I was brought up to understand that it is rude to talk about politics around company, even if you’re only discussing which road needs paving, or who should be on the school board.  You are my guests in this house, and this should be considered an apolitical site.  As badly as many folks want to believe that Jesus is involved in politics, I’m pretty well convinced that He wants no part of the mess we have made.

3)  If you have any questions that you would like to discuss privately, you can do so by emailing me at pastorlee122@yahoo.com.  I own a clergy shirt.  Wearing one of these in a public forum sends a message that I am available to help with spiritual and felt needs.  If you have needs or questions that you would rather keep out of the view of the general public, then feel free to drop me a line.  I’ve got my shirt on.  I’ll be glad to respond.

4)  If you would like to use a post I’ve written on your own blog, or quote me in another setting, I don’t mind at all.  Just let me know that you’re going to use my thoughts, so that I can be prepared for the phone call from my Bishop, saying, “Did you really say this? On that guy’s blog? For real?” 😮  Also, please be sure to give me appropriate credit for my work, including a link to Homilies, Prayers, and Bread for the Journey.


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