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The Church of St. John the Theologian
Ohrid, Macedonia

Having visited Ohrid, Macedonia several years back, then making numerous trips to Bulgaria later on, I gained a special appreciation for Orthodox Christianity, and for Eastern Europe, in general.  Amidst all my study and reading about historic Christianity, I stumbled across a great website called Prologue from Ohrid, an online adaption of a book by the same name written by Serbian Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic.  He served as the Bishop of Ohrid, which was the center of Eastern European Christianity for many generations.  Velimirovic was a paradoxical figure in some respects, accused of being anti-semitic because of some of his writings; but then it was widely known that he helped rescue a Jewish family from persecution during WWII.  He was regarded in Serbia as “The New Chrysostom”, indicating the high esteem in which he was held in that region.  In spite of any controversy, he compiled a great collection of reflections for us to read and consider in the form of The Prologue.  Velimirovic eventually immigrated to the US, where he served at several Orthodox seminaries before his passing in 1956.  He is regarded as a saint by the Orthodox Church.

The Prologue is a collection of reflections, homilies, and biographies of saints of the Church.  It’s a priceless assemblage of information, in my own humble opinion.  The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America has very graciously provided us all with an online link to daily readings from The Prologue.  Please take some time to explore the site, and if you can, make it a part of your daily devotional time.

Finally, to learn more about Ohrid, Macedonia and that city’s important role in the development of European Christianity, please visit here...