First off, my apologies over a lost post from yesterday, “Top Ten Reasons Why Liturgical Worship Works (Part 1)…”  Several readers advised me this morning that the link to the post wasn’t working, and I found that the post was no longer on my page.  It was here yesterday, gone somewhere else today!  The good folks at WordPress are working to help me retrieve this.  Thanks to them, and to members of the WordPress community who have offered advice and support in my attempts to find this post!

In the meantime, please take time to visit a gem of a site called The Low Churchman’s Guide to the Solemn High Mass It’s one of the most amusing pages I’ve found in a while.  You’ll find lots of commentary on “gin-swilling, rosary-clutching Ritualists”, “dyspeptic medievalists”, “scrofulous paleographers”, bells, and what type of shoes organ players wear.  It’s great English humor, and you’ll actually learn about “high church” when reading.

Put down Candy Crush, break out your dictionary, and go for a visit to The Low Churchman!

Have a great weekend!