daisyI have to admit, I’m not the most religious dog in my neighborhood.  I have a difficult time with all the rules.  I used to live in a fence, but it wouldn’t hold me.  I spend a good portion of my time wandering from place to place, looking for whatever satisfaction I can find…food, drink, warmth, the adventure of chasing squirrels and barn cats, and rolling in cow poo with my friend from across the road , Carlos the Australian Shepherd.  I do a lot of things that my dad would never admit I do in polite company.

I’ve kind of grown to be the neighborhood dog.  In fact, there’s at least one other house besides my own that I call home.  I mean, I literally go inside and spend the night there, with the neighbors, just like it’s my own house.  I think it would be pretty strange for a human to go into a neighbor’s house, sit at the table and ask for food without being invited, then fall asleep on the floor of the living room…But I’m a dog, so don’t judge me.  I call a lot of different places home.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my master.  We have been through a lot together.  We’ve said “hello” and “goodbye” to a lot of folks and other pets.  We’ve had hard times.  I have gone to the bathroom in places that weren’t exactly designed for that purpose, and we’ve had conflict over it. I am not a fan of boundaries that anyone would want to place on me.

We’ve walked a lot of miles together.  Some of those walks were really wild and free, and he would allow me to run wherever I wanted.  At other times, I would be so anxious to pursue strange smells and to make my mark in new and unknown places, my master would literally have to put a harness on me, and say, “Daisy, you are gonna get killed if I just let you do whatever you want.  This is for your own good.”

I’m probably not as faithful as I should be.  Sometimes I absolutely crave attention from my master.  I’m content to just lay at his feet sometimes, and others, all I want is to creep upwards, a little bit at a time, until I’m resting in his lap, even though I’m way too mature to really need that type of affection from him…or maybe I’m too immature to admit that I really need it.  On the other hand, there are moments when all I can think about is chasing some new smell, no matter what kind of terrible trail it leads me down, no matter how far it leads me from the safety and comfort of being near him.

I am not very obedient, unless there’s some special treat in it for me.

A lot of times the only reason I go to my master is because I want something.

Here’s what I’m pretty certain of, in all of this crazy dog life of mine:  When I need my master, he’s there.  When I pound on his door, asking to come home, thinking with my dog ESP, “If you let me in, I’ll never leave again...”, he always answers the door.  He never turns me down when I want unconditional admiration and love.  You know, I’ve heard that in human religion, the master stands at the door and knocks, and waits for y’all to answer.  Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t.  I guess in mine, it’s me standing and knocking, knowing he’s there, and him always opening up.

Maybe you guys got that part backwards, and I got it right.

Maybe today I’ll just focus on his feet when we walk, and follow him.

Then again, maybe I won’t.   Maybe I’ll go my own way, and call some new and exciting place home for a while.

If that’s the case, I know I can always go back his house, and when I knock, he’ll open the door.

Daisy is an 8 year boxer from the Northeast Georgia area.  She has lived with Lee Adams since she was 3 months old.  While not a regular church attendee, she has heard numerous sermons preached, and has a better grasp on matters of faith than many humans.  She enjoys having her ears pulled by her younger sisters, Addie and Reagan, eating from the mulch pile, and throwing up in the living room.  While a fan of sacramental theology, Daisy does not participate in Holy Communion, as she is aware that a dog partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ would make her “anathema”.  She enjoys high church liturgy, because of all the interesting smells and sounds.