"A Fallow Field", Kurt Anderson

In murky dark was silent dread

Of the Triune Spirit overhead

When through his voice creation brake

And fallow fields their place did take

To fallow fields He reached His hand

And brought forth grit, and dirt, and sand

He breathed upon the wrought of sod

And made one like the Son of God

On fallow fields His feet did walk

And Creating Voice with man did talk

Face to face, as to mirrored glass

Familiar the sound as He walked past

Sprung in completeness from fallow fields

The earth in goodness, supply did yield

Then a look, a taste, a falling, a sin

Broken communion with God and men

In fallow fields then man did bow

To the force and pull and groan of the plow

To idols and Asherah, to fear, to law

Dread dark had returned to cover them all

And The Voice spoke no more…

Til Jesus walked in fallow fields

Saying, “Let goodness and mercy be your yield,

compassion and charity be your harvest,

peace with one another, from the greatest to the least.”

Voice spoke Word, and Word became Flesh

God’s very heart beat in mortal breast

Messenger of Hope, and Kingdom Come

Words of comfort, but troubling to some

Reeds ‘cross his back

Thorns for his brow

Timber to hold his body

Iron piercing palms and feet

Gifts of pain from the earth He spoke into being

They tempered His voice, and broke His sweet will

On a hill overlooking a fallow field

They pierced His dear skin, and laid Him to rest

Midst liars and thieves and those not thought blest

In fallow ground my Savior did lie

Son of The Voice, born but to die

Descended below to battle all strife

Then what once lay fallow, sprang forth with new life

By fallow fields two pilgrims did walk

To Emmaus town, then one more did talk

Of prophets and kings and priests of old

Kindling hearts whose flame had grown cold

Bread taken, broken

Blessed, given

Wine poured

Hope restored

To dreams of the Kingdom

Pilgrims walk on past fallow fields

Word as seed

Man, the soil yet tilled

With hearts aflame and sacred yearning

The pilgrims wait now for Christ’s returning…